A few hackathons and associated projects I have been a part of.

Penn Apps 2016 : Breast Milk Management System

Lact-o-log was a solution to automate tracking and management of breast milk for neonatal ICUs. It was awarded the 2nd prize at Penn Apps, the world's largest collegiate-level hackathon. Watch our presentation. I collaborated with Vidur Bhatnagar and Sneha Rajana for this hackathon. It has since evolved into a startup - Keriton.

DataHack @ Yale : Influence in Corporate Networks

DataHack@Yale focused on network science and data visualization. The McChrystal Group challenge was to identify influencers in corporate networks along with better leveraging social networks to drive corporate performance. I collaborated with Krishnan Srinivasan, Clark Xie and Adam Erickson for this hackathon and we were awarded the 1st prize overall and the 2nd prize for the McChrystal Group challenge.

Wharton Data Visualization Hack : Avis Car Rental

The challenge was to analyze and visualize data as well as derive strategies for pricing of car rentals for Avis and its subsidiaries. I collaborated with Saurav Bose, Sakthivel Sivaraman and Sai Krishnan for this hackathon and we were awarded the 3rd prize.