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A collection of interesting opportunities and useful information, especially for students. Feel free to send me any opportunity you'd like to see here.

Women Talk Tech @ Reddit

Want to know how Star Trek, Deep Learning and NLP came together for Enterprise to Computer:Star Trek chatbot? Join me at Reddit, San Francisco on Nov 27 at 6 pm to know more and see a demo.

Latest from my blog

Did you check out my recent Medium post 'Intro to Greedy Algorithms feat. Uncle Scrooge'?

Free Python workshop

I conducted an Intro to Python workshop at San Francisco Public Library in November. Click on the link for my slide deck and code templates and solutions.

Must-know algorithms

A compilation of must-know algorithms for software engineers.

X-Pack Machine Learning

Elastic Machine Learning lets you get the most out of your data. Hunting down irregularities in your data is difficult and X-Pack Machine Learning will teach you how to make this easy.

KPCB Fellowhsip

Over the course of a summer, KPCB Design and Engineering Fellows join portfolio companies, where they develop technical or design skills and are mentored by an executive within the company.