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A collection of interesting resources and opportunities, especially for students. Feel free to send me any resource you'd like to see here.

Call for Code

Answer the Call for Code by building global solutions for disaster preparedness. The most impactful project will be implemented with the help of IBM, The Linux Foundation, UN Human Rights, and American Red Cross. Prizes includes $200,000 cash prize, long term open source project support, VC introductions and chance to deploy your solution wth IBM.

Women Talk Tech @ Reddit

Want to know how Star Trek, Deep Learning and NLP came together for Enterprise to Computer:Star Trek chatbot? Join me at Reddit, San Francisco on Nov 27 at 6 pm to know more and see a demo.

Latest from my blog

Did you check out my recent Medium post 'Intro to Greedy Algorithms feat. Uncle Scrooge'?

Free Python resources

I conducted an Intro to Python workshop at San Francisco Public Library in November 2017, followed by a webinar with PyLadies in March 2018. You can find the recording of the webinar here and the slide deck with code templates and solutions here .

Must-know algorithms

A compilation of must-know algorithms for software engineers.

X-Pack Machine Learning

Elastic Machine Learning lets you get the most out of your data. Hunting down irregularities in your data is difficult and X-Pack Machine Learning will teach you how to make this easy.

KPCB Fellowhsip

Over the course of a summer, KPCB Design and Engineering Fellows join portfolio companies, where they develop technical or design skills and are mentored by an executive within the company.