I’m a data scientist looking to create impact

Data scientist by profession, Educator at heart

I'm a Cognitive Software Engineer with Data Science - Marketing at IBM Watson Customer Engagement. I graduated with a Masters in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania in 2017.

I live in San Francisco where I spend most of my time imploring and exploring datasets using Machine Learning. I'm interested in Natural Language Processing and am fascinated by human language.

I'm extremely passionate about encouraging women in technology. I strongly support exposing children early on to Computer Science and using the superpower of coding to solve exciting and meaningful problems. I love being a part of something that delivers a change. The impact of a project serves as a huge motivator for me. If you think I might be a good fit for something, I'd love to talk!

I'm currently volunteering at the San Francisco Public Library and recently mentored high school students as part of AI4ALL. I'm also channeling my passion for healthy cooking towards an Instagram account @noworryculinary. In my free time I write articles and poems, cook, paint and act.