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Data Adventures : Projects

My tryst with data: A collection of my projects done for coursework and curiosity.

Enterprise to Computer : Star Trek chatbot

The Enterprise to Computer bot (E2Cbot) was created as part of CIS 700-007 'Deep Learning for Automated Discourse' at Penn. The premise for the project was to add a personality to the chatbot which was hosted as an Alexa skill on Amazon Echo. E2Cbot captures the 'style' of Star Trek by incorporating references from the show along with the peculiar tones of the show's characters (see image). Details can be found at the Github repository and at Arxiv.

I collaborated with Mansi Vashisht and Abheek Basu under the guidance of João Sedoc and Professor Lyle Ungar for this project.

Computation of Renewable Energy Harvesting

Simulated the working of harvesters and examined neighbourly harvesting choices for residential areas using machine learning on historical data. I collaborated with Guy Gadola under the guidance of Professor Daniel Mosse for this project.

Face morphing

I explored Computer Vision during my time at Penn and one of the projects I did was face morphing. I took a picture of mine and tried to morph it to look like Deepika Padukone (Bollywood actress; you may know her from xXx : Return of Xander Cage). The result wasn't perfect but still pretty neat I think.